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自冷戰時期, Rand Corporation  已經有唔少關於中國嘅研究報告;其中有兩份,講到同中國幹部嘅談判技巧。

01,一份係 1982 年改革開放之後寫嘅 Chinese Commercial Negotiating Style,作者 Lucian Pye 出道於 50年代尾,起初研究「第三世界」,後來專注中國;當年會用第三世界呢個構念,多少都係 sympathizers。

Chinese Commercial Negotiating Style
This study analyzes Chinese commercial negotiating practices for two reasons. The first is to minimize future misunderstandings in such activities, and the second is to provide guidance for government-to-government negotiations.

02,另一份報告 Chinese Political Negotiating Behavior 作者 Richard Solomon 係一個 career diplomat,所以佢嘅分析,比較注重具體操作嘅細節。

Chinese Political Negotiating Behavior, 1967-1984
An assessment of the patterns and practices in the ways officials of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) managed high-level political negotiations with the United States during the normalization phase of relations between the two countries.


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